CATAS – Church and Church-based Trust Accounts

CATAS provides a range of cost-effective accounting and payroll services to Churches and Church-related Trusts throughout New Zealand, using Xero (online accounting software) and Flexitime (online payroll software).

Services include accounting services, payroll services, and financial training for accounts staff and volunteers of churches and church-based trusts.

Why use an accounting service for your church or charitable trust?

The laws and guidelines surrounding aspects of church and trust finances, employment, payrolls and taxes can be quite complex.  The team at CATAS have the experience and expertise that enables them to provide an up to date and accurate accountancy service you can rely on.

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Accounting, payroll services, and financial training

From basic accounting, including a full payroll service, to the preparation of regular financial reports and annual financial statements, CATAS is precise, thorough and up to date with the latest legislation.

Accounting and payroll services offered

  • Accounting options
    • Regular financial reports, GST returns, preparation of annual financial statements
    • Preparation of annual financial statements using the records prepared by your organisation

       Annual financial statements will comply with the reporting standards for registered charities

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  • Payroll services; full payroll support for your church or church-based trust
    • CATAS is a PAYE Intermediary.  That means CATAS can take on most of the employer obligations of your church or trust with regard to payroll clients.

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  • Training
    • CATAS staff are experienced in most of the accounting and payroll issues faced by churches, trusts and not-for-profit organisations and charities.  We are able to provide financial training and advice for your accounts staff.

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Easy access, secure cloud-based financial systems

CATAS uses cloud-based Xero accounting and Flexitime payroll systems.  That means:

  • Location is not an issue.  We work with clients from Kaitaia to Invercargill.
  • You can access your up to date financial records at any time simply by logging into your online account.

 CATAS’ payment plans

CATAS’ payment plans means letting them handle your church or trust finances can be less expensive than handling your finances yourself.

Accounting services are charged either by:

  • A fixed monthly charge, or
  • A ‘time & materials’ option

Payroll services are charged per employee payment.

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